Book of Raia



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Hell hath no fury like a spider caught in its own web.

The gods, even in their rage, had never been more clear.

Either King Mursili II succeed in placing the Amarna bloodline back upon the Egyptian throne or everything he has sacrificed, everything he has lost will be for naught. Everything he has put those closest to him through - Nacamakun, Idamun, his family - would be for naught. All of his prayers and faith would be for naught.

Yes. Even in their vengeance, the gods had never been more clear.

It's all or nothing. Either the prophecy is fulfilled and both Egypt & Hatti find salvation or Mursili and his allies fail - plunging both kingdoms into darkness.

Behold. Even in the terrible, deafening silence of their abandonment, the gods had never been more clear.

The time has come for judgment.
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