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It is 1974 and a reluctant Jamie Raeburn (Archangel Michael Messenger) is brought back from the dead to save the life of an IRA informer and prevent a major terrorist attack on the UK Mainland. It is a job he cannot refuse - the informer is the man who saved his life on his last fateful mission less than a year earlier. That weighs heavily on him. And his task becomes more difficult when it is revealed that the life of a former lover hangs in the balance. That sets Jamie on a collision course with Ultra. Facing an intractable dilemma, he follows his conscience to save that life.
The planned terrorist attack is the most serious ever contemplated on the United Kingdom Mainland but it is worse than even the men behind it realise. They are being manipulated and the consequences, if the attack is a success, will be cataclysmic. But who is behind it, and why? In a race against time, Jamie has to identify and eliminate the three IRA Active Service Units and their commander, the beautiful but dangerous Orlagh Duggan. And Orlagh might hold the key to an unsolved mystery – the identity of the mole behind Jamie Raeburn’s betrayal.
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