Tina the Turtle
  • Published:
    Jul-2013 (Hardcover)
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    05 & up
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What happens when a turtle cannot dive and stay underwater? For a creature that spends most of its time in the ocean, sometimes staying submerged for up to five hours at a time, it becomes a matter of life and death. It cannot feed off the algae and sea grasses that grow on the ocean floor. So the reptile swims round and round on the surface, unable to get the nutrients it needs. Getting weaker and weaker, it finally dies a lingering death. Workers in Sohar Port find Tina (literally, 'Turtle in Need of Assistance'), a mature female green turtle, suffering from this 'floating syndrome'; a common cause of death among sea turtles. She could have picked up an infection that made her sick. But most likely she swallowed a plastic bag that looked like a tasty jellyfish - her favourite treat. This is her story.
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