Tis the Season:  Regency Yuletide Short Stories



  • Chloe Thatcher (bookseller)
  • Aidan Ferris (man of business)


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Grace Burrowes: A Knight Before Christmas (A Rogues to Riches Story)Chloe Thatcher's livelihood is in peril when her late grandfather's bookshop is doomed to be sold at auction just as the Yuletide season arrives. Aidan Ferris is a man of business for the banker most determined to gain ownership of Chloe's property, but Aidan is also decent, honorable, and prone to lingering beneath sprigs of mistletoe. Will Aidan take possession of Chloe's home--or of her heart?

Also includes Novellas by Jennifer Ashley, Christi Caldwell, Louisa Cornell, Eva Devon, Janna MacGregor, and Jess Michaels
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