Petty Pewter Gods



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were making thins tough for everyone. And temple real estate on the Street of Dreams was at a premium. With too many pantheons and not enough prayer palaces to go around in TunFaire, the big gods on the block dame up with the solution to hold a contest. The goal: find' the "key" to the one temple that was still up for grabs. Simple enough, right? But the top guys had made sure the "key" was well hidden, and petty pewter gods didn't have that many resources.

P.I. Garrett knew he was in for it when two rival pantheons tried to hire him. A confirmed atheist, Garrett wanted nothing to do with the gods. He had enough problems in a town where things were heating up fast between the locals and the hordes of unwelcome newcomers. But the gods won't take "no" for an answer, and if Garrett doesn't come up with something quick, TunFaire might be treated to a war that could rip the very fabric of the universe apart!
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