The Reluctant Bridegroom



  • 19th Century
  • American West


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A Nation Expanding Westward Calls a Challenge to Another Son of Winslow.
From the first Pilgrim settlement at Plymouth, the dynamic sage of the Winslow family has traced the forces that shaped early American history and its people. As the nation expands westward, so has the House of Winslow.

The Reluctant Bridegroom
begins with Sky Winslow, the son of Chris and Dove Winslow, agreeing to return East and bring a wagon train of brides to the men of Oregon City. As experienced as he is on the trail, the past hurts of an unfaithful wife and the care for a twelve-year-old son who truly needs a mother's love make Sky an unlikely candidate for such an assignment.
On the long trip from New York to Oregon, two of the women who join the wagon train will make their impact on Sky Winslow. Rebekah Jackson, in hope of finding a new start, is leaving a broken past. Rita Duvall is a dance hall girl who knows the way to break down a man's defenses.
Join Them on the Trail West As God Reshapes Lives Despite the Odds!
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