Red Sky Warrior



  • 19th Century
  • American West


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Refusing to enter into a marriage arranged by her scheming businessman father, Maggie Harrington proposes to convicted outlaw Cade Chisk-Ko, promising to rescue him from being hanged if he will marry her for one year only.

Maggie Harrington isn't about to let her tyrannical father "sell" her into a marriage for business purposes - and she will deal with the Devil himself to preserve her independence. So she makes condemned criminal Cade Chiskko an offer he'd be foolish to refuse: if the handsome half-breed agrees to accompany her to Texas as a temporary husband, Maggie will gratefully rescue him from the gallows. A drifter, a rogue, but no killer, Cade wants no part of the white world that betrayed him. But even a brief marriage to Maggie Harrington may prove as lethal as the hangman's rope. For the raven-haired hellion's passionate fire ignites a wanting that threatens to consume Cade's damaged soul and kindles a love he would give his life to protect.
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