Comanche Wind



  • 19th Century
  • American West


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Betrothed against her will while barely more than a child, lovely, impetuous Jennie O'Bannion believes her life is over. Then fate intervenes on the Texa frontier, when a proud Comanche warrior claims Jennie as his own -- abducting the strong-willed, flame-haired beauty from the man who would cruelly break her wild spirit. Though she aches to surrender to his raw and sensuous power, Jennie fears her handsome, savage captor -- the one they call Windrider -- and vows to escape. But Windrider will not relinquish his cherished prize -- though it means incurring both the wrath of his own people and the white man's vengeance. For the noble brave's passion for his beautiful "Fire Flower" cannot be tamed ... and his love will not be denied.
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