Cherokee Nights



  • 19th Century
  • American West


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He towered over her, his lean, hard frame dominating the room; his piercing eyes riveting her to the chair. Kingfisher Chekote was the most devastatingly handsome man Celina Hawthorne had ever seen. When King announced he was in need of a lawyer, it never occurred to the ambitious railroad builder that the raven-haired beauty behind the desk was the lawyer until it was too late. By morning, King was bound for the courthouse a rugged three-day journey with the lady lawyer who swore she'd make him forget she was a woman, and whose innocent sensuality made that impossible. Yet as they moved across the western wilderness, plotting the strategy that would bring the railroad to King's Cherokee Nation, Celina's cool facade began to crack, crumbling before desires long suppressed and the passionate pleasure of King's irrepressible love.
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