Hour of the Cat



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Years before Valerie Hamilton came to Hazleton, Martin Forster's young bride, Sandra, was terrorized and murdered. The killer was never found, and now the same cruel threats that culminated in Sandra's murder are being duplicatedÃ,?with Val as the target. But who is making them? And why? At first she is more annoyed than frightened, particularly...since the threats are preceded by an obvious if pointless practical joke: A fake notice of Val's engagement to Forster published in the Hazleton Tribune. But she starts to worry when friends tell her she bears a startling resemblance to Sandra. She even begins to wonder if her decision to move to Hazleton in the first place was entirely her own, or if she had been subtly tricked into itÃ,?by someone who also saw the resemblance. Someone like Sandra's killer.
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