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    24 Books (2 Series)
  • First Book:
    April 1980
  • Latest Book:
    July 2008
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Full Series List in Order

Dangerous Journeys

2 - Samarkand Solution (Jan-1993)
3 - Death in Delhi (May-1993)
Mythus (Jul-1992)
Anubis Murders (Sep-1992)
The Epic of Aerth (Oct-1992)
The Necropolis: And the Land of Egypt (Dec-1992)

Gord the Rogue

2 - Night Arrant (Sep-1987)
3 - City of Hawks (Nov-1987)
4 - Come Endless Darkness (Mar-1988)
Sea of Death (Jun-1987)

Multi-Author Series List

Greyhawk Adventures

1 - Saga of Old City (Oct-1985)
2 - Artifact of Evil (Feb-1986)

Sagard the Barbarian Gamebook

1 - The Ice Dragon (Sep-1985)
3 - The Crimson Sea (Oct-1985)

Book List in Order: 24 titles

  • The reader becomes Sagard, the sixteen-year-old barbarian, and must face the Ice Golem, the Devil-Bear, and many other dangers before retrieving the Heart of the Ice Dragon and becoming a full-fledged warrior...

  • GREYHAWK... a beautiful, wondrous city. a cruel city. a harsh, pitiless city for a young orphan boy with no money and no friends -- but plenty of enemies! Enter the Old City of Greyhawk, that marvelous place where dreams -- and nightmares ...

  • OERTH .. . to some, a cherished homeland. to others, a target of domination. When the Artifact of Evil is unearthed from its ancient hiding place, it becomes the object of a battle between the forces of good and evil. At stake is the fate of the ...

  • Few people have ventured into the Ashen Desert, and fewer still have re-turned to tell of what they saw and how they managed to survive. But a young man named Gord cannot allow himself to be disheartened by this knowledge. Part of an ancient and evil...

    Known to millions around the world as the co-creator of the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS fantasy role-playing game, Gary Gygax is also an author of best-selling fantasy fiction. He has written three novels, and this is his first collection of sh...

  • The young adventurer named Gord has stirred the imaginations of thousands of readers with his exploits. City of Hawks takes you to an early time; it is the action-filled tale of how Gord the waif grows into Gord the man. Unknown to him, the skinny bo...

  • A JACKAL OF ALL TRADES -- A MASTER OF EVIL Magister Setne Inhetep was badly in need of a vacation. That's why the great Egyptian wizard-priest was less than thrilled to see the three high mages before him telling him of the potent magic and heinous ...

  • "Six Worlds in One! This is the sourcebook for the fantasy milieu you've always dreamed of! The world of Aerth is hauntingiy familiar, yet strangely mysterious. Visit Aeropa's Avillonian Isles, which include mighty Lyonnesse. See the "Dark Continent"...

  • The Necropolis campaign scenario is an epic adventure which sweeps the Heroic Personas across the dramatic landscapes of Earth's most magickal kingdom, Egypt. From a hidden evil in a desert village, to tribes of raiders in the wilderness, to the secr...

  • THE DANCE OF DEATH-- is sweeping through the palaces and temples of lower AEgypt, and unless the Pharaoh's most valued Magister, Setne Inhetep, can trace this plague of destruction to its source, the Triple Kingdom may be plunged into a magical dark...

  • THE PERILS OF THE EAST The Pharaoh's most resourceful Magister, Setne Inhetep, would be the first to admit he had weaknesses-such as his attachment to his beautiful companion, the Amazon warrior Rachelle...and the challenge of a seemingly unsolvab...

  • Fortune favors the bold! When young Gord's caretaker, the aged and foul-spirited Leena, dies, she leaves the boy destitute and adrift in the midst of the slums of the Old City, forced to fend for himself in the merciless world of mendicants, thieves,...

    • The legendary “lost” Gary Gygax novel blazes into print for the first time ever, offering a new glimpse at a master fantasist at the peak of his game.
    • The long-awaited Infernal Sorceress marks Gygax’s triumphant return to fic...

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Gary Gygax has published 24 books.

Gary Gygax does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Infernal Sorceress, was published in July 2008.

The first book by Gary Gygax, Shrine of the Kuo Tao, was published in April 1980.

Yes. Gary Gygax has 2 series.