A Matter of Honor



  • 19th Century
  • Regency


  • England


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For generations, an ancient coin has passed from mother to daughter--a talisman of luck joining those who dare to dream of love. Now three very different women will hold fate in their hands...and discover the passion that awaits them.

Eager to flee London and the trials of a third social season, Lorane St. John stowed away on board a ship bound for America. Once there, she could pursue her passion for botany and perhaps even publish a book of her drawings. Her plan went awry, however, when she was discovered by the ship's dashing captain. For an infuriated Nicholas Grant was determined to send her home as soon as they reached shore, while he intended to marry his very proper fiancee. Instead, Lorane suddenly finds herself stirring up trouble in Boston society--and winning the love of the man who is her very destiny.
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