Raine's Story



  • Contemporary


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Raine Bennett quickened her steps. Someone was following her, cloaked by the fog of a London night -- and she was terrified! Threatened by one stranger, she ran straight into the arms of another -- but strangely felt no threat from him. Michael Carr radiated danger and mystery, yet she knew somehow she could trust him. The enchanting woman with the rain-colored eyes heated his blood, but the magnificent strands of perfect pearls draped across her exquisite body complicated his pursuit of the lady. What was she doing with the legendary Pearls of Sharah, when they'd been reported stolen to Interpol -- and what secrets lay beneath the silk she wore like sensual armor, warning him away? Seducing Raine into admitting her passion, Michael shattered her wall of cool reserve, tempting her, driving her mad with desire. But surrendering to Michael threatened the man who'd loved her first. Could she keep danger at a distance without sacrificing the hero she'd love forever?
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