The Wilder Alpha



  • Contemporary


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Kristi Riley is a free wolf at heart.

Her wolves have always been here, but when the town of Goldbridge went up, the wolves that built it chased her kind out and said this was no longer their land. She's willing to do whatever it takes to take back her ancestral homeland.

Jay Ward never knew his father.

Born to a mother who was carried away by wild wolves, Jay Ward has no future with any of the packs in the town of Goldbridge. The only place that'll take him in is the Sentinels--a group of fatherless wolves whose only purpose is to die protecting the packs of Goldbridge.

Their paths are on a dangerous collision course

A response by the Sentinels to the raid on Goldbridge's outer lands ends up with Kristi finding Jay Ward. She is shocked to feel the unabated attraction towards him that only mates have with each other. Will she do what it takes to keep him safe or are the old prejudices too deeply ingrained in her bones?


“Now, I'm not just a Sentinel. I'm Jay.” He leaned closer, delighting in the heat that radiated from the she-wolf. His voice softened to a sultry rasp, “And what's your name, gorgeous?”

Kristi became hyper-aware of Jay's presence next to her as his eyes bore into hers. His body heat sifted through her clothes, into her skin. His rough palm landed on the back of her hand. His warm breath played over her jaw and neck. She swallowed, fighting down her blush, “Kristi.”

“Kristi,” Jay tried out the name on his tongue. Tingles lit across his skin as her name formed on his lips. His hand tightened around hers, his thumb caressed her knuckles.

“I don't see how that changes anything,” breathed Kristi as she jerked her gaze away from his. Her hand refused to move from beneath his touch. “We're supposed to be enemies. We're going to kill each other.”

Jay leaned closer, her smell intoxicating his senses. His free hand came up behind Kristi, stroking her dark hair. His fingers tingled every time he touched her. “We can change that.”

Kristi fought the urge to look at Jay. She closed her eyes, shamefully enjoying every touch. A small part of her cinched to his words. Maybe they could change this feud. No more fighting, no more death, no more struggling for food during the winter months.
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