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    16 Books
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    June 1967
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    September 2013
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  • A tale of the tragedy of war: the story of a twelve-year-old orphaned beggar in occupied Italy, his daily search for food and for meaning in the life he witnesses, and the development of compassion and understanding that will help him survive....

  • It's 1643, and almost a year has passed since King Charles raised his standard at Nottingham and turned all England into a battlefield. For the orphaned boy Oliver Cutter the army of Parliament is now his home, and the struggle of his hero Oliver Cro...

  • I shall begin my tale on that day when I lost not only my father, but my mother and my two older brothers as well. . . . In the morning of that day my name had been Murakami; I was a bushi, a knight's son whom every woman in the village would fondle ...

  • In the days the shogun ruled Japan, two hundred samurai suffered a grave insult when their master met an unjust death. Forty-seven of them were courageous enough to avenge him. A lowly servant to one of the brave samurai is Jiro, who calls himself a ...

  • On his own in the teeming city, orphaned Saru learns to survive. He begs, steals, and fights for what he needs. He finds danger in bandits and street gangs, charity in tentative friendships with a priest and a cook's young daughter, and comfort from ...

  • An American Library Association Notable Book and his first book for children, Erik Christian Haugaard’s Hakon of Rogen’s Saga is a remarkable novel that perfectly catches the mood of a harsh but heroic people. Set at the end of the Viking peri...

  • A Slave’s Tale, the sequel to Hakon of Rogen’s Saga, is told from the point of view of a slave girl, Helga, who stows away on the longship when Hakon, the young Viking chieftain, sets sail for France on a voyage to return Rark, a freed slave, ...

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    In 1937, after meeting a mysterious stranger on a ferry from Denmark to Germany, an unassuming Danish schoolboy agrees to complete the stranger's mission, a dangerous assignment for the resistance forces fighting against Hitler...

Award-Winning Books by Erik Christian Haugaard

Little Fishes
1967 Boston Globe-Horn Book Award -- Fiction & Poetry

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Erik Christian Haugaard has published 16 books.

Erik Christian Haugaard does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Hakon of Rogen's Saga, was published in September 2013.

The first book by Erik Christian Haugaard, Little Fishes, was published in June 1967.

No. Erik Christian Haugaard does not write books in series.