The Rake and the Redhead



  • 19th Century
  • Regency


  • England


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Opposing Values

When beautiful, redheaded Miss Hyacinthe Dancy meets Blase, Lord Norwood, she finds him to be the most infuriatingly arrogant gentleman she has ever met. Hyacinthe vows to keep well clear of a man whose charm is as legendary as his reputation. But when Lord Norwood decides to destroy a charming old village to improve the view from his manor, and Hyacinthe's dearest friend is threatened with homelessness, Hyacinthe must place herself in Norwood's path of desire. And when Norwood sets out to level not only the village but Hyacinthe's defenses, Hyacinthe finds that he has the power to ignite far more than her temper...
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