The Debonair Duke



  • 19th Century
  • Regency


  • England


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A Dangerous Gift

Young and captivating Lady Pamela Taylor had a necklace of stunning sapphires-and a most perplexing problem. Who had sent her these jewels fit for a queen? How had he gotten them? What did he expect in return? Or was it all a monstrous mistake?

All Pamela knew for certain was that her sheltered life had been shattered, and a swarm of suitors had suddenly invaded her existence. There was the romantic Russian Prince Radinski, the seductive French Comte Reynaud, and the intriguing English Lord Raeburn. And above all, and most dangerous of all, there was the fabulously wealthy, handsome, and marriage-mocking Duke of Wexford, who would stop at nothing to lay his hands on Pamela's jewels-and to get what he wanted from her....
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