The Dangerous Baron Leigh



  • 19th Century
  • Regency


  • England


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The Jilted Lord

Lady Jocelyn Robards has been in seclusion since the death of her fiance, refusing all suitors and shunning society. Many assume she is deeply mired in mourning for her deceased lover-but in truth she is haunted by a long-ago love affair that shattered her heart.

Then Jocelyn is summoned to her cousin's castle to help with preparations for a costume ball. En route, she encounters unforeseen peril--and is rescued by Peter, Lot Leigh, the intensely passionate man she once loved. Though arrogant and virile, Peter harbors no ill will toward Jocelyn, who five years past refused his marriage proposal and inexplicably brought their affair to a heartbreaking end. But Jocelyn still nurtures a tendre for Peter--and when the embark on a daring mission to recover a stolen heirloom, the flames of their passion burn more fiercely than ever....
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