The Contrary Corinthian



  • 19th Century
  • Regency


  • England


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Vexing Valentine

Miss Phoebe Thorpe had no idea why she had stirred the wrath of Valentine, Lord Latham, but she most certainly had. Now this devastatingly handsome and supremely well-connected gentleman was out to wreak vengeance on her with all the immense weapons he had at his command. First Latham did his worst to sully the good name of this unspoiled young lady in the best circles of society. Then he tried to force her to choose a husband from among the most impossible suitors that his twisted sense of humor and wicked wit could dredge up from the bottom of the heap. But Phoebe faced an even graver threat when she found that she had roused more than the anger of this infuriatingly irresistible rake. She had set aflame his lust as well....
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