The Abandoned Rake



  • 19th Century
  • Regency


  • England


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The Tempting Target

Joanna Winterton had had a narrow escape from a marriage that had filled her with dread rather than desire. Now she fled the London marriage mart before she could be so cruelly cornered again. But when she arrived in a remote rural retreat, she found she had merely exchanged one kind of danger for another.

Sir Lucas Montfort was the premier rake in the realm. This devastatingly handsome libertine's skill at seduction was matched only by his lust for conquest, and now Joanna was the sole target of his roving eye in the tiny village that housed them both. Joanna no longer had to worry about wedlock. Quite the reverse-as she sought to avoid an all-too-inviting surrender to a man who did not have marriage in mind...
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