An Uncommon Bequest



  • 19th Century
  • Regency


  • England


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The Unexpected Season

Left without a farthing by her papa's untimely death, Sophie Garnett was quite resigned to being a genteel lady's companion. Then a letter arrived, summoning her to the reading of a relative's will. She never expected the secret bequest that would allow her to have a London season...and to come face-to-face with her distant cousin, Jonathan, the Viscount Lowell.

Sophie had been an impetuous schoolgirl when he'd claimed her lips in a soul-stealing kiss. She wanted to despise him for awakening such powerful feelings, then simply walking off as though he hadn't upended her world. And he still treated her like a vapid young girl. She simply had to show him that she could take the ton by storm and have a marriage offers by the dozen. Yet when Jonathan held her in his arms for a dizzying waltz, Sophie feared that no matter who proposed, only one man owned her heart...
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