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    11 Books (1 Series)
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    December 1989
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    January 2011
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Full Series List in Order

A Peaches Dann Mystery

1 - Who Killed What's-Her-Name? (Mar-1994)
2 - Remember the Alibi (Sep-1994)
3 - Memory Can Be Murder (Jun-1995)
4 - Whose Death Is It Anyway? (Jan-1997)
5 - Is There a Dead Man in the House? (Jan-1998)
6 - Where There's a Will (Aug-1999)
7 - Forget About Murder (Feb-2000)

Book List in Order: 11 titles

  • READ ALL ABOUT IT Legendary newspaper publisher Isaiah Justice, owner of The Defender, is going to miss his paper's biggest story ever: someone has laced his bourbon with cyanide. His murder conveniently coincides with the takeover bid from a l...

  • Acclaimed author Elizabeth Daniels Squire presents the first mystery in an exciting new series featuring Peaches Dann--an amateur sleuth who's slightly forgetful... and totally unforgettable! Peaches Dann is getting older and she forgets things a ...

  • Acclaimed author Elizabeth Daniels Squire presents an exciting new mystery series featuring Peaches Dann--an amateur sleuth who's slightly forgetful ... and totally unforgettable! First it looked like a series of suicides. But every one of them us...

  • Peaches was working on her book--How to Survive Without a Memory--when she was interrupted by a call from a cousin she hadn't seen in years. Peaches--not surprisingly--couldn't quite place Anne at first. But she agreed to pay her a visit--and during ...

  • After a lively family reunion, Peaches stumbles on some deadly secrets--starting with the news that her cousin's daughter, Kim, is missing, and her mother is convinced she's dead. Peaches is supposed to be promoting her book, How to Survive Without a...

  • Acclaimed author Elizabeth Daniels Squire presents an exciting new mystery featuring Peaches Dann--an amateur sleuth who's slightly forgetful...and totally unforgettable! Peaches's father and his new wife, Azalea Marlowe, were in Tennessee to over...

  • Peaches's friend Marietta and seven of her relatives have come into an inheritance that's made them all millionaires--several times over. But even money has its price, and their eccentric uncle Hiram's will includes very specific requirements for the...

  • When absentminded sleuth Peaches Dann takes a job as a reporter for a small local newspaper, she fully intends to put her crime-solving days behind her. But she finds that when it comes to memory and mystery, some things never change. She still can't...

  • CLAUDIA BISHOP AND NICK DICHARIO request the honor of your presence at a different kind of dinner party ... Festivities begin promptly at 8:3o. Sixteen short stories -- accompanied by dangerously delicious recipes -- will be served. Be the...

  • A collection of short stories, poetry, newspaper columns, and essays. Edited by her husband, C.B. Chick Squire, this compilation includes previously unpublished works by this award-winning author plus tributes from Margaret Maron, Anne Underwood Gran...

Award-Winning Books by Elizabeth Daniels Squire

The Dog Who Remembered Too Much
1995 Agatha Award -- Short Story

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Elizabeth Daniels Squire has published 11 books.

Elizabeth Daniels Squire does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, The Liz Reader, was published in January 2011.

The first book by Elizabeth Daniels Squire, Kill the Messenger, was published in December 1989.

Yes. Elizabeth Daniels Squire has 1 series.