Lords of the White Castle



  • Medieval


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Westminster 1184 -- in the court of King Henry, playful competition is about to turn into something far more serious. When young courtier Fulke Fitzwarin is accused by Prince John of cheating during a game of chess, he cannot but respond. It is the origins of a bitter personal rivalry which resonates through the rest of their lives.

For the Fitzwarins dream of returning to their family home of Whittington, and once more being Lords of the White Castle. But their hopes are nothing in the face of John's vindictiveness. His delight in denying the Fitzwarins what is rightfully theirs results in Fulke renouncing his allegiance and turning rebel outlaw ...

In romance, too, Fulke is no closer to fulfilling his heart's desire. Marriage is more about alliance than love in medieval England, and what can Fulke offer the young, spirited Maude le Vavasour apart from a lifetime on the run ...
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