A Change of Heart / Doctor Max



  • Contemporary

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Original title: A Change of Heart.

Caught up in a whirlwind romance with James, happily planning her marriage, Catrina was on cloud ten. And then, on the eve of her wedding, her world crashed in ruins around her, when her fiance had been killed. 'Time heals' everyone told her, but Catrina knew better. Never again would she love anyone as she had loved James.

Catrina went to work at the Northfleet School for maladjusted children. Her colleague in her new job, Doctor Max Hartland, and the attractive Frenchman Pieree Magneau were more than willing to help her try and pick up the pieces. Amid the absorbing work there she found that time - and the friendship of Doctor Max - began to heal the wound. But which one would she choose, Max or Pieree? Or could she chose either, as long as she only saw them as a substitute for James? Then Catrina discovered that Max had been involved in the collision which had killed her fiance.
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