Royal Road to Fotheringhay


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Mary's happiness was short-lived. Her husband, always sickly, died afteronly two years on the throne, and there was no place for Mary in the courtof the new king. At the age of twenty, she returned to Scotland, a place shebarely knew. Once home, the Queen of Scots discovered she was a stranger inher own country. She spoke only French and was a devout Catholic in a landof stern Presbyterians. Her nation was controlled by a quarrelsome group oflords, including her illegitimate half brother, the Earl of Moray, and byJohn Knox, a fire-and-brimstone Calvinist preacher, who denounced the youngqueen as a Papist and a whore. Mary eventually remarried, hoping to find aloving ally in the Scottish Lord Darnley. But Darnley proved violent anduntrustworthy. When he died mysteriously, suspicion fell on Mary. In haste,she married Lord Bothwell, the prime suspect in her husband's murder, a movethat outraged all of Scotland. When her nobles rose against her, thedisgraced Queen of Scots fled to England, hoping to be taken in by hercousin Elizabeth I. But Mary's flight from Scotland led not to safety, butto Fotheringhay Castle...
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