Book List in Order: 19 titles

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Blossom Valley

We Belong Together (Mar-1982)
Light of My Life (Jul-1983)
Short Stop for Romance (Jan-1984)
Bunny Hug (Apr-1984)
Fireworks (Jun-1984)
Turkey Trot (Oct-1984)
Ghost of Gamma Rho (Feb-1985)
Lover's Lake (Apr-1985)
Janine (Jun-1985)
Phantom Skateboard (Aug-1985)
Orinoco Adventure (Dec-1985)
Homecoming (Mar-1986)
Coral Island (Jul-1986)
Love at First Sight (Jun-1987)
Be My Valentine (Aug-1987)
The Mystery Kiss (Oct-1987)
Bird of Paradise (Dec-1987)
No Easy Answers (Feb-1988)