The Ravens of Blackwater



  • Medieval


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In 1086, England's mighty king, William the Conqueror, sends out surveyors and census takers to record the resources of his land and its people. Some welcome these inquisitive royal agents and their "day of judgment." Others hate them. But wherever the king's men go they bring excitement--and sometimes murder....

Hamo FitzCorbucion tortures his Saxon slaves, insults the Norman gentry, and steals his neighbors' land. Now William the Conqueror's Domesday tribunal is preparing to render justice. But hardly have the King's men arrived than FitzCorbucion's son and heir is murdered. Searching for his destroyer, the royal inquirers must greatly widen their scope, for the rapacious ravens of Blackwater Hall have gratified their passions for much more than land. Oslac the Priest, the aristocratic Champeneys, a runaway boy, even the nuns of Maldon Priory--all have felt the ravens' claws. And for the sweetness of revenge at least one among them would gladly die....
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