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    29 Books (2 Series)
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    January 1965
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    July 2001
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Full Series List in Order

The Lord Ramage Novels

1 - Ramage (1965)
2 - Ramage & the Drumbeat (1967)
3 - Ramage & the Freebooters (1969)
4 - Governor Ramage RN (Nov-1973)
5 - Ramage's Prize (Feb-1975)
6 - Ramage & the Guillotine (1975)
7 - Ramage's Diamond (1976)
8 - Ramage's Mutiny (1977)
9 - Ramage and the Rebels (1978)
10 - The Ramage Touch (1979)
11 - Ramage's Signal (Oct-1980)
12 - Ramage & the Renegades (1981)
13 - Ramage's Devil (1982)
14 - Ramage's Trial (1984)
15 - Ramage's Challenge (1985)
16 - Ramage at Trafalgar (1986)
17 - Ramage and the Saracens (1988)
18 - Ramage and the Dido (1989)

Ned Yorke

1 - Buccaneer (Sep-1984)
2 - Admiral (Jul-2001)
3 - Galleon (Dec-1987)
4 - Corsair (Jul-2001)
5 - Convoy (May-1987)
6 - Decoy (Nov-1985)

Book List in Order: 29 titles

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    In Ramage, the young lieutenant and peer of the realm receives special orders direct from Nelson himself which bring news of a mission close to his own heart. In a daring foray, under the very nose of the French Mediterranean fleet, Ramage is to sail...

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    In Ramage and the Drumbeat, the lieutenant is ordered to proceed to Gibraltar "with all possible despatch" aboard His Majesty's ship Kathleen, to support Lord Nelson in a battle with the Spanish off Cape Trafalgar....

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    In Ramage and the Freebooters, the lieutenant is summoned by the Admiralty and given command of the brig Triton. But like the rest of the Navy, Triton's crew has mutinied. Sympathizing with some of their complaints, Ramage also knows that if he fails...

  • LIEUTENANT Lord Ramage, in command of the Triton brig, is escorting a convoy from Barbados to Jamaica, normally a routine and tedious chore. But this time Ramage has to be especially vigilant to guard the convoy's precious cargo--a family of importan...

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    Across the English Channel, Napoleon has massed a great invasion flotilla. English forces, under A.N Lord Nelson, are all but paralyzed--not knowing the size, strength, or time of the foreign onslaught. In a daring spy scheme to protect British shore...

  • The West Indian bases are desperate: Post vessels-- a vital communications link between England and the West Indies in the war against France--are mysteriously disappearing and no packets have arrived with orders in months. Were the privateers out in...

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    The youngest captain in His Majesty's Navy, with a reputation for landing impossible assignments, Lord Ramage is dispatched to the Caribbean islands of Martinique and Diamond Rock. The mission seems humdrum: barricade the French within Fort Royal. Bu...

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    The vicious mutineers aboard the British ship Jocasta had surrendered their vessel to Spain. Sailing aboard the frigate Calypso, Captain Lord Ramage receives Admiralty orders to recover her by any means. The Jocasta is held in the heavily fortified S...

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    A sinking British ship, her crew and passengers, men and women alike, ruthlessly murdered at the hands of a French privateer. .. . This is the nightmare Ramage and the crew of the Calypso stumble upon while engaged in a sweep for freebooters in the w...

  • Against the thundering background of 18th century England and the West Indies, Lieutenant Lord Nicholas Ramage takes command of the Triton Brig to capture privateers who are raiding British shipping.His mission is urgent, his crew mutinous, and the s...

  • Describes the military brilliance that accounts for Morgan the Pirate's success in a time when Jamaica depended on self-serving buccaneers for protection against the ships of the failing Spanish Empire...

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    Post Captain Ramage is prowling the Tuscan coast and far from English aid when he encounters` a daunting French invasion fleet. As, the enemy gathers strength, Ramage must decide how to thwart her actions with only the frigate Calypso and a pair of b...

  • The Calypso and her captain, Lord Nicholas Ramage, venture further into the French-dominated waters of the Mediterranean on an Admiralty mission to sink, burn, and destroy. Aiming to confuse and distract the enemy, Ramage and his men find themselves ...

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    With the Treaty of Amiens signed, hostilities have ceased--at least on paper. Nelson's crews are standing down and Ramage is on leave when he receives secret Admiralty orders to inspect the small island of Trinidade off the coast of Brazil. Reaching ...

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    Captain Lord Ramage's honeymoon in France is interrupted by a sudden end to the Peace of Amiens. Finding themselves on unfriendly soil just hours before hostilities commence, Ramage and his bride elude the grasp of Napoleon's secret police....

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    Captain Lord Ramage and the Calypso return from Devil's Island, but Ramage's new wife, Sarah, is missing. The captain would like nothing better than to sail home immediately, but instead he is ordered to shepherd a lumbering convoy of merchant ships ...

  • It is the 1650's and Spain considers the Caribbean to be its own private sea. But England, Holland and France conspire to battle for freedom on the oceans set in days littered with the plunder of piracy. Ned Yorke, a loyal Royalist living in Barbados...

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    Admiralty spies are hunting for British officers and allies trapped on the mainland, among them Ramage's first love, Gianna, the Marchesa di Volterra. Ramage returns to the Tuscan coast, where Bonaparte holds a group of hostages for an unknown fate....

  • It is February 1942 and the war in the Atlantic looks grim for the Allied convoys. The 'Great Blackout' has started, leaving the spy centre of Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire at a loss as to what the Nazis are planning. U-boat Command has changed t...

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    Ramage, finally reunited with his beloved Sarah, hopes to spend at least a few quiet weeks with her. Instead, he is summoned by Admiral Nelson himself. His orders: Ramage is to join Nelson's fleet blockading the combined French and Spanish navies in ...

  • As England falls under a blanket of peace with the restoration of Charles II, in distant Jamaica all is not well. Though there is peace with Spain, there is No Peace Beyond the Line. It seems that the West Indies have become the private estate of the...

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    Ramage and the Calypso are sent to Sicily to track down Barbary Coast pirates -- the Saraceni -- who are capturing slaves and terrorizing fishing villages along the coast. Ramage is ordered to track the pirates to their home and destroy them before t...

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    Ramage is hoping to enjoy a well-deserved leave when he instead receives new orders: commission and take command of the Dido, a massive 74-gun ship that carries enough weight of metal to destroy a frigate in a single broadside or sweep a ship's decks...

  • The story of the greatest British naval battle of the Age of Nelson.

    Renowned historian and novelist Dudley Pope explores the defining moment of the Age of Nelson. His compelling descriptions of the battle itself are backed by a wealth of hi...

  • 'Morgan the Pirate' is a name long associated with all the trappings of pirate living - skull and crossbones, pieces of eight, speeding ships, almost in fact 'with a yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum'. As legend has it, his was a life of high adventure, d...

  • Charles II returns from exile bringing with him unease to the Spanish Main. Ned Yorke, the leader and hero of the swashbuckling band of buccaneers are depended upon for the defence of Jamaica. Daring raids on the Spanish seem inevitable, as Yorke set...

  • In the 1660's Jamaica was an uneasy island, occupied by Spain but settled by the English and French. When Admiral of the Brethren, Ned Yorke, a brave, loyal Buccaneer, learns that Spain is mounting a Caribbean fleet perhaps to protect the treasures o...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Dudley Pope has published 29 books.

Dudley Pope does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, Corsair, was published in July 2001.

The first book by Dudley Pope, Ramage, was published in January 1965.

Yes. Dudley Pope has 2 series.