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    13 Books (1 Series)
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    December 2000
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    November 2008
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Full Series List in Order

Infinity City

1 - Van Gogh in Space (Dec-2000)
2 - Jason the Rescuer (Feb-2001)
3 - Search for Katz (Feb-2001)
Katz Chase (Mar-2001)
Battle of Infinity City (May-2001)
Katz Cornered (May-2001)

Book List in Order: 13 titles

  • What would happen if the famous 19th century artist VINCENT VAN GOGH found himself in a far future world -- an amazing world built within a black hole? John One, a young adventurer from Infinity City, sets sail aboard a gravitonic sailship, uses the ...

  • Jason is famous on INFINITY CITY for rescuing lost spacecraft. INFINITY CITY is an amazing world built within a black hole, and Jason will need all its ultra high technology for his latest rescue mission: To sail out of the black hole aboard his fant...

  • Infinity City—Book 3. Jason travels to an outrageous world of genetically engineered humans seeking the enormous rescue reward and the diabolical cause of the world's colony ship disaster. A hot fix for the reader's growing addiction to the Infi...

  • With Jason and John One in hot pursuit, the notorious Bartholomew Katz now surprisingly flees into the black hole to their home world ofInfinity City. As Dalton and Monique struggle as new parents, Grand Dame Deirdre struggles with growing rebelli...

  • No sooner do John One and Jason-Jason return from beyond the second event horizon, but they are enmeshed in defending Infinity City from a sudden threat-a threat they inadvertently released!The Militia Guard goes on full alert in response to the impo...

  • The electrifying Katz trilogy comes to its breathtaking end beyond INFINITY CITY's second event horizon, down in an outrageous nether world populated by so called 'wizards' wielding the reality altering Identity/Similarity Phenomenon, dangerous horde...

  • YOUR FUTURE DAY: "At the Office"" The warm, cozy Sensua-Sheet gently and automatically stays right at your neck all night, pulls silently away as you slip out of bed "" but what's new in flycars is something everyone was dying for: You pull back on t...

  • Missionary Kids in Space-Way in the future, a group of greedy miners purchase a far away planet from the Christian Scouting League for a low price. There's a catch. To get full ownership of the planet, they must host a missionary. The miners don't wa...

  • "PLEASANTOPIA" is a spoof of America's most affluent town per capita: PLEASANTON, CALIFORNIA; you'll laugh out loud so much that you may spill your latte; you may even choke; you may just want to find me, Doug, downtown basking in the warm tension of...

  • America run by cats and dogs? We humans their coddled pets and overworked beasts-of-burden? Who wins Election 2008-the cats or the dogs?

    AMERICA'S REIGNING CATS AND DOGS-the year's most zany and politically corrupt spoof . Nay, politically biz...

  • America run by cats and dogs? We humans their coddled pets and overworked beasts-of-burden? Who wins Election 2008 the cats or the dogs? AMERICA S REIGNING CATS AND DOGS Election 2008 the year s most zany and politically corrupt spoof Nay, politi...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Douglas Kendall has published 13 books.

Douglas Kendall does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, America S Reigning Cats And Dogs! Book 2, was published in November 2008.

The first book by Douglas Kendall, Van Gogh in Space, was published in December 2000.

Yes. Douglas Kendall has 1 series.