The Cameo Clue



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It's a glorious fall in Maple Creek, Michigan, and newcomer Katherine Kale takes delight in her lovely Victorian home and life in this peaceful town. But when retired schoolteacher Cora Valentine dies after eating a poisoned caramel apple at the annual fair, Katherine is as unnerved as everyone else, but more so when she learns of Cora's connection to her home. When she unearths an antique cameo in her garden, she senses that her house has a dark, unsettled history -- a feeling confirmed when someone breaks in and steals the brooch.

Upon discovering an old diary in the attic, Katherine is determined to connect the mysteries from the past -- including an unexplained disappearance long ago when Cora Valentine and two other ladies lived in the Victorian house -- to Cora's murder. Unfortunately, there is a killer equally determined to keep the past buried at all cost, and no price is too deadly.
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