Changespell Legacy



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Arlen of Anfeald is dead--or so his friends believe, for Camolen's Council of Wizards has been cut down in a treacherous ambush of twisted magic . . . and the only surviving witness is a palomino stallion named Ramble. Convinced that the twisted magic is a threat to all of Camolen, Carey--Anfeald's Head Courier--plans to question the palomino, using the now-forbidden spell that can change a horse into a human. This is the same spell that turned Dun Lady's Jess from horse to human and took her from one world to another--from Camolen to the American Midwest.

Caren, Jess and the palomino race to Ohio in the other world, racing to obtain crucial information in time to save their own world. But once they leave Camolen, the damaging magic spreads, blossoming to engulf the unwary and corrupting even the simplest spells.

Even the spell that can take them home. . . .
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