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    Aug-2001 (Hardcover)
    Sep-2002 (Paperback)
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  • Contemporary


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After the sudden and tragic death of her parents, Cora Harvey has nothing left except her incredible voice and her dream to share it with the world. But her dream will never come true in Rudell, Mississippi, especially if she marries the man she adores, Dr. David Mackey. When she sets out for Chicago, everyone in the small town, including David believes that the next time they see Cora her name will be in lights. But it's not long before Cora finds herself back in Rudell and back into David's arms harboring a secret she dare not reveal, not even to her husband-to-be. . .

In the small town of Rudell, Cora's daughter, Emma, never felt as if she fit in. She stands out too much, looks too different, and everyone in the small community makes it clear that this black girl in a white woman's body doesn't belong. Emma soon discovers her one-way ticket out of Rudell, away from the people who belittled her and onto the life that she deserves. And unlike her mother, she has no intention of ever looking back. When Emma finds the perfect man and happiness at last, her family's past threatens to destroy it all. But she is determined to do whatever it takes to ensure that nothing ruins the beautiful life she has created for herself.

The dream that began with Cora comes full circle with her beloved granddaughter Parris whose melodic voice fills the dimly lit nightclubs of New York City. Yet, when tragedy strikes, opening a door to the past, Parris discovers hidden truths that have ripped the family apart---but which may ultimately bind them together at last.
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