Forbidden Highlander ~~ Donna Fletcher

Cree and Dawn’s story continues in Forbidden Highlander.

Dawn struggles to accept her future as Cree’s mistress while his future bride Lucerne Gerwan arrives in the village. But there is more for her to worry over. The attempts on her life continue and she fears Cree’s reaction when he learns that she carries his child.

The situation grows worse when warriors from the McClusky clan arrive in the village and the laird, Kirk McClusky, claims that Dawn is his daughter. Dawn wonders if it can be true and though her father insists she return home with him, she knows her love for Cree will never allow her to leave him. She cannot envision life without him.

Cree faces many obstacles in ensuring Dawn will be his, the hardest being his own failure to tell Dawn how he truly feels about her. But when she is taken from him, his temper rages and nothing stops him from bringing her home. He cannot think of life without her.

Cree and Dawn battle old secrets that finally surface and threaten to tear them apart. And it is with strength and courage that they fight for their love and a future together.
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Highlander Forbidden & Highlander Unchained by Donna Fletcher
Dawn & Cree Series Books One & Two
Highlander Forbidden: Book One
Dawn was born without a voice. She is completely silent...even her sighs. Fear reigns as the nefarious Cree is captured and Dawn is assigned to care for all ways. Little did they know that Cree would get more information from Dawn's silence than expected. After all, the people treated her as if she were an idiot. In turn, they were proven the idiots.

Highlander Unchained: Book Two
This book continues where book one left off. Someone is trying to kill Dawn and no one has a clue why. She is only a voiceless peasant...isn't she? Secrets are old and deep and as they come to the surface—they bring unrest with them. Old Mary knows more than she will tell and so they have to dig deep themselves to find the answers.

Great characters and plot line. I really enjoyed both of these books and look forward to reading the rest of the series.
**Strong sexual content
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