From This Land



  • 19th Century
  • American West

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The passionate saga of three generations of San Francisco women, who are bound by blood and a fierce determination to survive in a new frontier, in an untamed land. It is a heritage passed down from mother to daughter, beginning with...

Juliette... a beautiful young French woman who arrives in a bawdy and brawling San Francisco during the Gold Rush and becomes a saloon proprietress until she meets a hot-blooded Scandinavian.

Christina... her defiant daughter who flouts San Francisco's Snob Hill traditions and breaks every rule, including the unspoken one between a man and a woman.

Maria... Determined and forthright, she fearlessly takes on Chinese Tong Lords and kidnappers, to rescue a young Chinese girl from prostitution...until she's rescued by a man who matches her will for will.

A magnificent love story of the men and women who founded San Francisco, who survived its earthquakes, its fires, who mined its gold and felled its redwoods--the story of the people who made their fortunes...FROM THIS LAND
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