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Without any warning, the red Indians came from the bush and started shooting arrows at the men who were working on the railroad. It wasn’t a fair fight since it seemed as though the men working on the rail weren’t armed at all and the only thing that they could do at that moment was to run as fast as their feeble legs could carry them and never to look at on any account.

Jonathan and his men were already looking to finishing their work and getting their wages and later rendezvous at the pub for a couple of drinks when the sudden attack happened.

The men didn’t stand a chance since they were not only outnumbered, but they were unarmed. There was no way they could fight the Indians with nothing but shovels when they came with tomahawks and arrows that they shot with pin point accuracy.

Jonathan was done running and pretending to be something that he wasn’t. And so when he was sure that the survivors were clear in the woods, he turned and took a stand. He took off his hat and loosened his old suspenders and started walking towards the Indians. They shot arrows which stuck on his body but didn’t do a damn thing about stopping him. 

And at that point, his eyes turned red right before he pounced at the first warrior, draining him. The others watched in horror and tried to run as fast as possible, but needless to say, they couldn’t get that far since he outran them and killed each and every one of them.

Jonathan was a fully grown werewolf with the ability to change at will, and he killed them all! But as he turned with the intention of running off to the thickets, he saw what he didn’t expect to see, his lover who was looking at him in shock.

“Baby, I can explain!” he roared as he rapidly shifted his body back to human form.

But it was too late. The love of his life dashed into the woods and never looked back.
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