Star Lord



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An ancient evil has slumbered for centuries, passing from generation to generation, until one day a man discovers the truth of his genetic heritage--and proclaims himself Star Lord of the Inner Sphere. Disguising his army of renegade mercenaries as Knights of the 'Inner Sphere, the self- appointed Star Lord launches a series of raids that threaten and terrorize the universe! But Thomas Marik, leader of the Free Worlds League, cannot afford to have his Knights tarnished--and two can play the game of impersonation. L _ With the help of a trusted advisor, Thomas comes up with a plan to infiltrate the evil Star Lord's backwater legions.

Enter Duncan's Demons, a company of MechWarriors so improbable only desperation could have dreamed them up. Two soldiers seeking justice, a dishonored Clanswoman, a ne'er-do-well gambler and a real Knight of the Inner Sphere are entrusted with saving the Free Worlds League. But first they must learn how to get along....
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