Return to Vietnam ~~ Don Pendleton

Return to Vietnam by Don Pendleton
Mercy Mission: POW

As Bolan jumped into the blackness, he thought of that terrible day thirteen years earlier when The Executioner left the war-torn jungles of Vietnam for home, to bury his parents and sister. Now he was returning as Colonel Phoenix, his new incarnation.

This time his mission was to infiltrate a secret North Vietnamese prison and rescue a very special American POW. The U.S. Army officer had to be extricated without alerting the maximum security prison, with no clues as to who performed the rescue ... or why.

If the U.S. was implicated, the political and military implications could be disastrous. Other secretly held POWs would be doomed. It seemed an impossible task, even for Mack Bolan. And blood--a lot of it--could be spilled.
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