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    December 1971
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    June 2022
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  • An original novel in which the 15th and 20th centuries meet with uncanny results, due to the invocation of Pan. This work is of special interest to students of magic and the Western Mystery Tradition....

  • The Demon Lover was first published in 1927, the same year as H.P. Lovecraft's The Call of Cthulhu. Dion Fortune was among a generation of occult horror writers that formed popular culture's obsession with secret societies, vampires, demons, ritual m...

  • First published in 1938 and 1956, neither Sea Priestess nor Moon Magic have been out of print and are enduring favorites among readers of esoteric fiction. 'New packages will update these classic novels and introduce them to a new generation of reade...

  • The Winged Bull is a tale of magic and sexuality. Down on his luck, Ted Murchison invokes the Winged Bull, a god of ancient Babylon, to come to his aid. Immediately, he is drawn into a vortex of weird events in which he is asked to rescue the daughte...

  • A description of Glastonbury that remains one of the most evocative and poignant accounts of this wild yet holy place; a power center polarizing with distant Jerusalem and linking and harmonizing the Christian way with the primeval and pagan past of ...

  • The Sea Priestess is the highly acclaimed novel in which Dion Fortune introduces her most powerful fictional character, Vivien Le Fay Morgan- a practicing initiate of the Hermetic Path. Vivien has the ability to transform herself into magical images,...

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    Death hounds, shape shifters, and vampires are among the patients treated by the Holmes-like Dr. Taverner and his assistant Dr. Rhodes in this work of supernatural fiction by acclaimed spiritualist and occult writer Dion Fortune.First published in 19...

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    The astonishing world of the occult revealed in twelve true tales by famous writers, all with a particular interest in the supernatural. In this volume, you will find stories and extracts which cover virtually every aspect of the occult and are tr...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Dion Fortune has published 10 books.

Dion Fortune does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, The Secrets of Dr. John Richard Taverner, was published in June 2022.

The first book by Dion Fortune, Goat-Foot God, was published in December 1971.

No. Dion Fortune does not write books in series.