Kiss River



  • Contemporary


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Gina Higgins has come to the Outer Banks of North Carolina--a stranger with a secret. But secrets are a fact of life in the close-knit community of Kiss River...

Kiss River's historic nineteenth-century lighthouse has all but fallen into the sea, taking with it the huge Fresnel lens that once served as its beacon. Gina is desperate to find a way to raise the lens from the sea: the glass holds the key to her future, her fortune and her only chance to save the one person who matters to her.

Lacey O'Neill lives in the old lightkeeper's house, a home she shares with her brother, Clay. When Lacey meets Gina, she invites her to stay with them. Eagerly accepting the offer, Gina begins her quest to raise the lens as Clay finds himself drawn to her struggle, and to Gina herself.

As Gina's story unfolds, so does the shocking legacy left buried in the light, revealing much more than Gina expected... more. And with it comes new hope for the future...and for love.
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