Tane Mahuta New Zealand's famous icon


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New Zealand’s famous icon Tane Mahuta is in great danger.The Kauri trees are dying in the forests of an incurable disease, and no-one knows how to help them.Meet Joshua whose alcoholic father beats him up. He is taken into foster care and is sent to live in Opononi near the Waipoua Forest, Northland, New Zealand.Joshua has special gifts. He has visions, experiences time travel, and out of body experiences.He meets a little nature spirit called Piper who becomes his guardian, and she takes him to meet Tane Mahuta.To Joshua’s shock and amazement he hears Tane speaking to him. He can’t believe his ears! A talking tree!Tane Mahuta becomes Joshua’s mentor and teacher, and this is the beginning of Joshua’s education. Tane is deeply anxious about the state of his family, and the devastating effects of chemicals being dropped in the forests.He asks Joshua to pass on an urgent message to the children of Aotearoa. He needs their help.
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