Denim and Lace



  • Contemporary


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Innocent and lovely. Raised in a world of luxury, wealth, and social elegance, she was sheltered in its glitter and shine. But her heart and all her dreams centered on him. . . .

The hard-muscled, tough-dealing cowboy of Coleman Springs, Texas, he was filled with passion for Bess and hatred for her fashionable way of life.

Once their families had been friends. But dark secrets and scandal swept them fiercely apart into separate worlds. By then it was too late for Bess. Her heart was corralled by a man she thought she couldn't have and she was trapped in a world where she didn't belong. Until that world shattered. And her heart was thrown from the wild bronco of love.

Was Cade there to pick up the pieces out of love. . . revenge. . . or only the wild fury of his desire to have her? And even if he did love her, what kind of future could they fashion out of . . . DENIM AND LACE.
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