Color Love Blue



  • Contemporary


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Walking on Fifth Avenue, savoring her success as an artist, Mann Shannon's head was in the clouds. When she careened into Nick Scarpelli, she knew at once he wasn't the perfect stranger. What had changed her mind--blackmail? His irresistible virility? Surrender was sheer rapture-- but a mistake. The arrogant publisher and art gallery owner had other plans. Even as Jolana fled to Paris; married; and traveled to Monaco, Nice, and Cannes, memories of Nick pursued her. Then, as quickly as he'd come into her life, her husband--along with the home and fortune he'd gambled away--were gone. Alone, Jolana dared not believe Nick when he swore he'd changed . . . when he insisted that Jolana--and the baby she carried--were his . . . when he painted a glowing picture of the future they could share now--and forever.
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