The Promise



  • 19th Century
  • American West


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The mine called out to Cara from deep in Colorado's San Juan Mountains, near the town of Silverthread. It was rich in ore, overflowing with wealth that could make a family's fortune--or destroy it. In it had begun the weaving of a web of deceit, a murderous tapestry of lies that had meant the deaths of many innocents. But also in its shadowy maw lay the path to redemption and love. Its labyrinthine tunnels held a magic that could draw a woman one hundred years into the past, into the arms of one who could make her life whole. But crossing time was just the beginning. To right the wrongs already done, to paint a new future, one brighter and full of love, Cara would have to unravel its mysteries. She would have to depend upon the rugged man who emerged, trust his vow that he would keep her safe and cherish her forever. Then, and only then, would she truly understand the danger--and the power--of ...THE PROMISE
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