Book List in Order: 36 titles

Complete Series List in Order

Little Witch

1) Little Witch Learns to Read (Sep-2003)
2) Little Witch Takes Charge! (Sep-2002)
3) Little Witch Goes to Camp (May-2002)
4) Little Witch's Bad Dream (Jul-2000)
Little Witch's Big Night (Oct-1984)
Little Witch Goes to School (Sep-1998)
Little Witch Loves To Write (Jun-2004)

Multi-Author Series List

Marvel's X-Men

X-Men: Battle of the Sentinels (Apr-1994)

Sesame Street

A Visit to the Sesame Street Hospital (Mar-1985)
Visit to the Sesame Street Library (Mar-1986)
Sesame Street: Where Is My Skate (Apr-1987)
Grover's Bad Dream (Oct-1990)