Dolly Departed



  • Contemporary


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Doll restoration artist Gretchen Birch answers an invitation to a party at an unfamiliar dollhouse shop--and winds up in the thick of a murder mystery of miniature proportions. Now she must rally the help of her fellow Phoenix Dollers Club members who share an obsession with all things small...

When Gretchen finds Charlie Maize, owner Of the dollhouse shop Mini Maize, on the floor--dead and covered with toppled miniature room boxes--she fears that Charlie's death wasn't an accident. One of the room boxes (displays that depict real-life scenes with furniture and miniature dolls) is the set for a murder, complete with a tiny axe with a bloody blade and red splatters on the walls. But as long as Gretchen can stop being distracted by a devilishly handsome (and technically still married) detective, she'll follow the tiny clues--and perhaps catch a killer who makes murder child's play...
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