Batman Arkham: Black Mask


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Dive further into the darker side of Gotham City with this collection of tales about Batman villain, Black Mask in Batman Arkham: Black Mask!

Don't miss out on this collection of chaos in Gotham city caused by the Black Mask! This collection features the characters introduction into the series and much more including Batman's journey to figuring out the man behind the mask...Roman Sionis!

His dark journey doesn't stop there, as the Black Mask causes mayhem with a total city blackout, Catwoman faces a dead villain that she was responsible for killing, the original Black Mask! Will this attack against the body and soul of Selina Kyle prove to be too much? And can she come to grips with killing (again) a possibly unkillable foe?

Collects Batman #386-387, 484-485, 648; Detective Comics #553; Catwoman #16, 83.
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