Keeping Faith



  • Contemporary


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July 19, 1983...
The Kinards, the Richardses and the Webbers -- Seattle's Kennedys. Their "compound" -- elegant Forrester Square...until the fateful night that tore these families apart.

Twenty years later...
Their children were reunited. Repressed memories and family secrets were about to be revealed. And one person was out to make sure they never remembered....

Faith Marshall had dreamed of a "white-picket" life with Ethan Dunn. But Ethan wasn't the businessman he claimed to be. He was a mercenary who put his life in danger on a regular basis. The last Faith heard, Ethan had died on a mission. And she was pregnant with his child.

Memories of Faith had kept the captive Ethan alive. Now his search for her led to Seattle, where headlines blared Local Girl Abducted. This was Faith's little girl...and he was the father. Ethan vowed to do everything in his power to rescue their child. But was it in his power to make them a family?
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