Sudden Death



  • Contemporary


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"The fact is, I could strip naked, jump on the defense table, and sing, and it wouldn't be the lead story on the news tonight. The lead will be that Kenny Schilling, football star, is facing the death penalty."

With an inherited windfall of $22 million and his loyal golden retriever by his side, lawyer Andy Carpenter is content to stay out of the legal game. But when he's summoned to a murder scene, the benchwarming attorney finds his number called. The victim is Troy Preston, a fast-rising NFL wide receiver, and the prime suspect is Andy's client, a star running back. Plunging into this high-profile case-- while also trying to convince Laurie Collins, the love of his life, not to leave him--Andy uncovers a clue that leads him from Preston's death to other strange killings somehow connected by an old, horrible secret ... and a relentless killer who will force Andy to run the best play of his life.
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