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    7 Books
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    September 2001
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    July 2017
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  • Mark Carter barely has time to dump his personal belongings into his office in the administration building at Boan University when Dean Hartleys lifeless body is found lying in a pool of blood. A booming, narcissistic voice is silenced forever just a...

  • East of the land of the Elves is the land of Sweet Smellums, lives a family of hedgehogs by the name of Fipple Berry. Charlie Blue Berry Fipple Berry is their only son, and he has three favorite things: eating Blue Berry muffins, fishing, and playing...

  • If there's one thing I've learned from comic books, it's that everybody has a weakness -- something that can totally ruin their day without fail. For the wolfman it's a silver bullet. For Superman it's Kryptonite. For me it was a letter. With...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

David Fleming has published 7 books.

David Fleming does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, The Prometheus Effect, was published in July 2017.

The first book by David Fleming, Miss Mouse's House, was published in September 2001.

No. David Fleming does not write books in series.