Breach of Trust ~~ David Ellis

Breach of Trust by David Ellis
Former college football star and criminal defense attorney Jason Kolarich returns in this shocking thriller from the award-winning author of The Hidden Man.

Jason Kolarich has spent the past year struggling to recover from the horrific deaths of his wife and baby daughter.

On the night of their deaths, Kolarich was at the office, awaiting a call from a confidential informant named Ernesto Ramirez-a call that never came. Kolarich blames himself not only for the deaths of his wife and child, but for the informant's murder as well. He can't bring back his family, but he can find out who killed Ramirez and bring the killer to justice.

Unfortunately, Kolarich's guns-blazing approach to justice lands him smack in the middle of an FBI probe of a deeply corrupt governor and his cronies. To avoid jail, Kolarich must enter a world of wiretaps, double-dealing, and kickbacks, where he soon discovers that the murder of his informant was only the tip of the iceberg.

This breach of trust runs up to the highest levels of power, and exposing it may drag Kolarich into the fight of his life.
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    Feb-2011 (Hardcover)
    Jan-2012 (Paperback)
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Jason Kolarich feels lucky to be assigned as the second chair in the defense of Senator Hector Almundo. Almundo's charaged with dealing with the Cannibals street gang. They were shaking down businessmen for donations for Almundo's election campaign. When one businessman refused to donate, he was murdered.

One night, Kolarich is waiting for a call from a confidential informant. His wife and baby leave without him to drive to her parents home. In a double tragedy, they skid off the road and are both killed. Later, Kolarich learns that the reason the call didn't come in is that the confidential informant, Ernesto Ramirez, was murdered.

After a period of mourning, Kolarich returns to work. He's contacted by Ramirez's widow, Essie. She wants him to find her husband's killer.

Since Kolarich feels responsible for Ramirez's death and because he feels that he was the cause of his wife and baby's death, he accepts. Kolarich feels that if can find the killer, he would make up for his failure.

Kolarich jumps into his investigation and tries to ingratiate himself with Almundo and his political friends. However, his actions are caught by the FBI who are investigating the political corruption. Since Kolarich can't prove that he was innocently working for these people, he agrees to go under cover to help the FBI with their case.

The novel proceeds on two levels. Kolarich is helping the FBI with the case of political corruption and he is trying to find Ramirez's killer

Kolarich is a heroic character who is just a man, trying to do the right thing. Unlike some heroes of thrillers, he doesn't have great powers and at one point is beaten by some thugs. However, he is determined and won't allow anything to stand in his way.

This is a well written novel that is a good character study and a find and all too believable thriller.
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